What is healthy?

As an RD I can't tell you how many times people randomly mention to me that they need to loose weight because they want to be healthy. But does a "normal" weight mean healthy? What if someone has a "normal" weight yet has blood sugars that are through the roof? Or what if someone is considered to be overweight, yet has perfect blood work results year after year, exercises regularly, and eats nutritiously. Healthy is not defined by the number on the scale, although studies do show that having a "normal" weight may lessen one's risk for certain medical conditions. Therefore, adopting behaviors that promote a healthy weight is a good idea. Eating balanced portions of healthy carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats, in combination with regular exercise are healthy behaviors that everyone can benefit from. Another key indicator in determining "healthy" are yearly blood work results done at your annual physical exam. Understanding and interpreting those results are important in order to know the next steps to take to improve those values to normal. Of course if you have a medical condition, remember that your dietary needs may vary depending on your condition. With or without a medical condition, it is a good idea to meet with your doctor and Registered Dietitian to determine an eating and exercise plan that will lead you toward your health goals.

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