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As a mother of a 14 year old teenage daughter you can understand when I say it is a challenge to influence her on anything. And while there is exposure to nutrition education at school, it did not always translate into reality. Marissa came to speak to my daughter’s dance team about nutrition and it’s importance overall but especially to athletes. This one hour presentation made a lasting impression for my daughter to take control of her eating habits. She switched from white flour tortillas to wheat and flax seed tortillas – believe me had I given her that prior to Marissa’s presentation I would have received stink eye! It’s been 4 months since the presentation and my daughter continues to choose healthier dinner options to her beloved cheese pizza. While she has always liked things like tofu and brown rice, it was on a sporadic basis. And now it is a routinely requested.  She is even more open to trying new healthy foods which is huge.  Marissa did an informative but fun presentation to the team as well as a hands-on snack activity that the girls really enjoyed. I would highly recommend Marissa to speak to any youth group or for personal consultation – I found her to professional but warm and friendly so you felt you could confide about your secret chocolate binges to her and she would understand. Her approach is based in reality about what you can do, not what you should do in a perfect world – she gets that if it’s too difficult to do then it won’t happen.  Please contact her if you are in need of nutrition help – you will not regret it.

                                               -Karen Kwan

                                           Mom of 2 teenagers

"I met Marissa when she came to my National Charity League meeting and spoke about nutrition. Many people don’t realize that proper nutrition is key to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Marissa helped me to understand the amount of sugar in our everyday foods and how to make better choices when having a snack. I would recommend Marissa to every family".

                        -Osborne, J., Palos Verdes Estates

"I was diagnose with kidney disease, stage 4...When a new lab report is performed, I do a follow-up with Marissa to compare the lab reports.  I know my lab reports have gotten better because of my diet.  Marissa is an excellent dietician who is very patient.  I know that without the diet that she has me on, I would be on dialysis.
I am an advocate for anyone that I know who has kidney problems.  I tell them what Marissa Martorana has done for me and that your diet has a lot to do with your health".

                                                    Walley, H



"My daughter …. had a school project last year where they choose a topic and then presented t it in 7-8 different genres.

She chose nutrition because of your presentation!  Attached are three of her genres - a brochure, a poem, and a persuasive letter to our school principal recommending you to speak at our career day!  Don't be surprised if you get a call from … asking you to speak!

She also did a demonstration of a healthy snack just like what you did for the girls that day.  We prepared 40 small cups of yogurt and had granola and fruit as toppings. It was a big hit!  The kids (and teacher) loved it!

I know you inspired my daughter to eat healthy, and I know from the girls' feedback that day you touched many more".


                                                    -Osborne, B., Palos Verdes Estates

"I wanted to share the good news that L. has actually been doing better with trying new foods lately (slowly, but surely!) The family style mealtimes have been really helpful and we’ve also found it really successful when we take him with us each grocery trip so he can choose new foods himself (almost always picking things we never would have chosen for him!) Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance! We couldn’t have gotten to this point without your help". ~J.F. Torrance, Ca

“I was very fortunate to had met Marissa, she is a very knowledgeable and honest person. She not only taught me how to eat healthy but to be mindful when and why I'm not making a good choice with my food. She gave me all the right tools to reach my weight goal as well her guidance and coaching all the way along. I sincerely thank you Marissa for everything... you are awesome!!!”


                                                            Miranda, E., Downey

"I hired Marissa to provide consulting services for the LAEP Early Head Start program. She addressed the nutrition referrals and provided parents with nutrition education. Marissa also created a variety of menus and a nutrition education booklet to meet the needs of the program. She also created nutrition policies and procedures for the program and provided staff training. She is professional towork with and I would highly recommend Marissa for nutrition consulting services."

                               Patino, M & Associates

 "... I have given myself Diabetes, put myself through surgeries, nearly lost some feet, and carried as much as 300 pounds on my 5'8" frame. I have not exercised or done much of anything.  After my last surgery I became acutely afraid of food. I put myself on a sub 1000 daily calorie diet, cut carbs to unsafe levels. I ate like four grams of fat per day, and probably not the "good" kind. Took in a lot of artificial sweeteners to satisfy cravings.

I had so many questions. I took two nutrition classes at the community college, and each class would give me sometimes conflicting answers to the SAME questions. My health care provider/insurance had someone I could talk to on the phone but I wanted to meet with someone and really show them what I was doing.

Marissa analyzed my diet. She helped me to calculate a good balance of carbs proteins and fats.I am a car salesman, not a nutritionist, and me trying to figure things out on my own was not the answer. Each article I read conflicted with something else, each suggestion from friends flew in the face of logic. There are a lot of quasi wanna be dimestore dietitians who want to tell you what they heard on the 11 o'clock news. 

Marissa has real credentials. She has real experience. More specifically, I wanted counsel from someone who was a dietitian who was fluent in Diabetes AND Weight loss. I learned enough to know that they may coincide but they do not go hand in hand all the time. She helped me maneuver that fine line.  I had stopped eating Oatmeal, (plain) which was a great help in my weight loss effort, because I realized the carbs were causing me sugar spikes. She explained what a lot of people told me, eat proteins WITH carbs, but I could not figure out on my own how MUCH protein to eat with carbs.

I could go on, because Marissa is helpful in so many ways. She also has a great table side manner which makes you comfortable with her and the process.  For me, she was the perfect match for what I need. I look forward to our next visit".



Tomaino, M

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